5 Best EquityList Alternatives in 2024

  • Written Written by Shubhika Sundriyal, 13 December 2023 | 4 min read
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    Although EquityList is an excellent tool, it might not be the most suitable one for your distinct ESOP management needs. To address this, we've curated a selection of 5 best-in-class tools designed to ensure the seamless operation of the ESOP scheme within your company.


EquityList is a robust platform designed to facilitate seamless management of the ESOP pool, vested-unvested options, schedules, and more.

It enables its admins and users to conduct valuation exercises and implement various ESOP management practices, promoting smarter decisions.

However, it might not be the most ideal solution for your evolving equity management needs. While some users think it is a static platform, offering limited features, others believe that its new pricing plans do not complement their operational workflows.

So, if you’re looking for alternatives to EquityList, this list of the top 5 tools will help you in your overall search. Among these options, we are confident that you will find a tool that aligns with your specific needs and contributes to the efficient operation of the ESOP scheme within your organization.

List of the Top 5 Alternatives to EquityList

We explored the top equity-related platforms and compiled the top alternatives to EquityList. For some tools, we engaged with colleagues to gain firsthand insights and experiences with the tools featured in the list below.

1. Vega Equity - Best for Personalized ESOP Management Solutions

vega equity dashboard

Vega Equity is a solid equity and cap table management platform, combining simplicity with excellence.

The tool offloads a lot of your daily tasks and helps you effortlessly oversee ESOP programs and manage the associated database needs. This, in turn, allows you to concentrate on running your business seamlessly.

The platform offers error-free reconciliation, delivering a transparent ownership experience. Moreover, its proactive customer support sets an industry standard, offering a fast 24-hour onboarding experience for all clients.

Overall, Vega Equity enables you to automate essential processes such as granting, vesting, and exercising equity allocations. This comprehensive feature set further enhances the platform's appeal, making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking efficiency and precision in equity management.



Price: Starts at ₹7000/year.

2. Vestd - Best for Scenario Modeling

Vestd Image

Source: vestd

Vestd, the cutting-edge equity management platform, enables strategic planning through robust scenario modeling, providing a powerful tool for businesses to navigate various possibilities and make informed decisions.

It also streamlines share issuance by seamlessly updating Companies House with no cumbersome forms.

Offering rich solutions, it enables the effortless design, launch, and management of company share schemes, including co-founder equity splits, vesting, and prenups.

Moreover, it streamlines company governance tasks by storing resolutions, confirmation statements, and other documents, making Co-Sec responsibilities virtually paperwork-free.



Price: Starts at £390.

3. Ledgy - Best for Real-Time Data Visualization

Ledgy Image

Source: ledgy

Ledgy drives equity management with seamless automation, ensuring effortless handling of extensive data and documents with maximum accuracy.

The tool helps you achieve compliance effortlessly by consolidating all equity-related information in a secure, single source of truth. It integrates with some popular HR systems and third parties involved in managing equity.

Reporting becomes a breeze, facilitating error-free equity management for IPO readiness.

Ledgy's comprehensive tracking system meticulously records historical transactions for various currencies, covering issuances, stock splits, valuations, secondaries, convertible loans, and more.



Price: Free plan available. Paid options start at €3/stakeholder/month.

Do you want to know how to implement ESOPs in your organization?

Get insights on ESOPs, best practices, Cap table, and Equity Management

4. Carta - Best for ESOP Reporting Capabilities

Carta Image

Source: carta

Carta helps you manage valuations, investments, and equity plans effortlessly. You can issue, track, and process payments for your company’s securities with fast, affordable, and accurate valuations.

As securities are issued and transactions occur, its cap tables update automatically to handle data-feeding mistakes or reconciliation.

Not just this. The platform also automatically accrues equity expense in real time and generates expense (IFRS2/ASC718) reports in minutes.

As an admin, you can pull detailed expense reports whenever needed. Its expense reporting supports every scenario, including stock splits and grant re-pricings.



Price: Available on request.

5. Pulley - Best for Accessing Complete Pro Forma Financial Statements

Pulley Image

Source: pulley

Pulley is another equity management software worth your attention in 2024, offering a seamless experience for founders, investors, and employees.

Boost investor confidence by managing your entire fundraising process effortlessly on Pulley - from modeling your round to issuing SAFEs and collecting wires.

What sets Pulley apart is its ability to create comprehensive pro forma for your next round, providing insights into ownership and share distribution among founders, employees, current, and future investors.

Using the tool, you can export the pro forma to Excel for easy sharing with investors, cofounders, and legal advisors.



Price: Starts at $1200/year.

Selecting the Right Solution

EquityList serves as the equity management tool, catering to the diverse needs of its users. However, it might not be suitable for every business. Therefore, seeking an alternative is only natural.

In this blog, we delved into some solid tools’ best features and functionalities. Now, the decision rests in your hands!

Begin by pinpointing your non-negotiable requirements and then explore additional features that could prove valuable as your business expands. Whether it's customization, user experience, or affordability, prioritize the core offerings aligning with your platform expectations. Best of luck!

About Vega Equity

Vega Equity offers companies an effective, intuitive, and paperless platform for managing equity. It provides accurate cap table management, customized user experiences, and precise information. Additionally, it assists in measuring KPIs, analyzing data, and tracking performance towards goals.

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