Vega Equity vs Qapita: Which Platform Should You Choose?

  • Written Written by Shubhika Sundriyal 27 December 2023 | 4 min read
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    In the final stages of deliberation between Vega Equity and Qapita as your preferred tools? Look no further. This blog presents a comprehensive analysis, evaluating both options across various parameters, providing valuable insights to guide you in making the right choice. Keep reading to gain clarity and confidently make your decision!


If you're actively seeking equity management tools, you've likely come across two prominent options in the field - Vega Equity and Qapita.

While both platforms boast impressive features, the key lies in finding the one that aligns best with your specific requirements.

So, when it comes down to Vega Equity versus Qapita, which tool holds the upper hand? Which one can efficiently handle your routine equity management tasks and provide real-time insights into company-wide ESOP allocation and the cap table?

In this blog, we aim to simplify your decision-making process by conducting a comprehensive comparison of Vega Equity and Qapita across various parameters. By the end of this, you'll have a clearer understanding of which tool's functionalities are better suited to your needs and which one emerges as your preferred choice.

Let’s get started!

A Brief Introduction to Vega Equity & Qapita

Vega Equity is an intuitive and user-friendly tool designed to oversee ESOP distribution and provide a complete visualization of the cap table throughout the entire organization.

It is the go-to platform for investors, startups, and employees looking to streamline their day-to-day ESOP management tasks, offering a dependable and secure solution. It's the ideal option for those ready to transition from manual ESOP management to a straightforward, digital approach.

Overall, managing Option Grants, Vesting, Exercise, Options Forfeiture, and visualizing the Cap Table, including various dilution scenarios, is seamlessly consolidated within this centralized solution.

Let’s take a look at Qapita now. It is one of the popular equity management platforms. It seeks to automate the ESOP management process for organizations, right from establishing vesting schedules to ensuring compliance with tax regulations related to ESOPs.

With Qapita, key information such as vesting schedules and exercise prices is easily accessible at a glance. The platform empowers users to customize and automate reports according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized experience. Security and compliance are the key features, assuring users that their data is well-protected.

The tool enables seamless communication by keeping stakeholders informed about any equity changes within the organization, eliminating the need for constant back-and-forth updates with each quarter.

Parameters of Comparison

We have identified some key parameters that set a tool apart. We have thoroughly examined user reviews and engaged with firsthand users of both tools to provide you with meaty insights and valuable information.

Take a look.

1. User Interface

vega equity interface

Vega Equity offers a user-friendly experience that requires no specialized training, ensuring seamless navigation through the platform. The clean interface enhances user interaction, making it easy to locate and utilize the various widgets available for efficient task completion.

Upon logging in, users are greeted with a comprehensive 360° view of their dashboard. The bird’s eye view highlights key components such as the ESOP pool, a detailed list of active and inactive ESOP employees, and other important information.

The platform's intuitive and straightforward design allows users to effortlessly access and understand their ESOP scheme's history and summary, providing valuable insights at a glance.

Qapita interface

Source: hrtech

On the other hand, Qapita is a visually appealing platform. Its interface is comprehensive, offering features for various ESOP management needs.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the platform's slightly overwhelming dashboard, noting occasional distractions that may divert attention from essential tasks.

Despite these concerns, Qapita's commitment to a user-centric experience remains evident. The platform's aesthetic appeal is complemented by its robust functionality, ensuring a versatile tool for effective ESOP management. To address user feedback, Qapita continues to refine its interface, aiming to strike a balance between visual richness and streamlined usability.

Leading in this parameter:

Vega Equity clearly takes the lead in this category due to its user-friendly design and seamless operationality. While Qapita boasts a great interface, there is room for improvement to make it less overwhelming.

2. Affordability

Vega Equity Pricing Demo

Vega Equity platform offers three plans tailored for equity management.

The Starter plan at ₹7,000/year includes features for up to 10 stakeholders. It includes the digital cap table, and ESOP management, along with essential features for grant, vesting, and employee exits.

The Growth plan, priced at ₹40,000/year, expands to 50 stakeholders and adds advanced features like valuation tracking, a document vault, a mobile app, equity payslips, and premium support.

Then, there is the Custom Pricing option. It caters to 50+ stakeholders, providing even more sophisticated tools such as an ESOP scheme generator, accelerated vesting with notifications, custom integrations, API access, personalized vesting schedules, a dedicated customer success manager, and an AI-ML enabled chatbot.

Custom pricing per report allows flexibility, and an add-on option is available for all plans, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse business needs.


Next, let’s move on to understanding the plans of Qapita.


Source: qapita

Qapita offers four pricing plans tailored to different stages of startup growth.

The "Basic" plan, suitable for pre-seed and seed stage startups, is free and includes essential features like CapTable and ESOP management.

The "Starter" plan at $600/year targets Series A startups, offering additional features such as reporting modules and e-signatures.

The "Growth" plan, designed for Series B+ scaleups, involves custom pricing with advanced features like valuation reports and dedicated customer success management.

Lastly, the "Enterprise" plan, aimed at unicorns and pre-IPO companies, offers a fully customized package with comprehensive services like equity plan administration, custom reports, and analyst support for financial modeling and reporting.

Equity Administration

Qapita's Custom Plan allows users to tailor their experience with optional add-ons available for all plans.

Leading in this parameter:

Qapita emerges as the standout winner in this category, thanks to its provision of a Free plan, particularly advantageous for decision makers seeking a cost-free platform. However, it's crucial to note that when delving into paid plans, the scale tips in favor of Vega Equity, which delivers enhanced features and value from the outset.

3. Core Features & Functionality

Vega Equity ensures tailored accessibility by facilitating role-based access and views.

The software effortlessly integrates with various other popular tools, and among them is its in-house HRMS platform, Vega HR. Vega Equity's drag-and-drop action empowers users to customize ESOP policies effortlessly.

Streamlining processes, the platform digitally executes option grants, accelerates vesting, and facilitates buyback procedures. A user-friendly employee dashboard enhances transparency and engagement. Additionally, Vega's advanced analysis tools provide insights into ESOP dynamics, examining factors such as demographics, tenure, and valuation for data-driven decision-making.

Next is Qapita.

Qapita, at its core, is a comprehensive solution offering a captable module, a fundamental tool for precise equity tracking.

The platform provides a secure data room, ensuring confidentiality and ease of data management. Enhancing transparency, the reporting module delivers insightful analytics for informed decision-making.

Qapita takes efficiency a step further with e-signatures for grant letters and share certificates, simplifying administrative processes. Besides, custom administrator roles empower tailored governance. Also, it seamlessly integrates with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), enabling smooth equity management.

Leading in this parameter:

Considering the robust features offered by both platforms, we find it fitting to declare this category as a tie.

4. Onboarding Ease

Vega Equity promises a rapid 24-hour onboarding process, ensuring swift integration into the platform. This remarkable speed is a testament to Vega's commitment to user convenience, setting them apart in the market.

Their dedication to facilitating a seamless transition is further emphasized by the provision of adequate training, guaranteeing users a smooth onboarding and product assimilation experience.

With Vega Equity, the journey from sign-up to proficiency is not only efficient but also well-supported, making it an optimal choice for those seeking a hassle-free onboarding process.

Coming to Qapita, it too offers an effortless self-onboarding process. Users can navigate through a seamless registration, making entry into the Qapita ecosystem swift and straightforward.

Additionally, Qapita goes the extra mile with its full-service platform onboarding, ensuring users receive comprehensive support and guidance at every step.

Leading in this parameter:

The decision remains challenging; once again, we are compelled to declare a tie in this category to bring the comparison to a conclusion.

5. Customer Support

Vega Equity sets a gold standard in customer support, swiftly addressing queries within minutes. The seamless assistance not only ensures user satisfaction but also contributes to the platform's scalability.

Offering premium email and call support, Vega Equity also provides dedicated Customer Success Managers, fostering a personalized and responsive interaction that elevates user experience.

Qapita takes pride in its customer support, offering a streamlined experience through efficient email assistance.

The platform's commitment to user success extends further with the provision of Dedicated Customer Success Managers. This personalized touch ensures that users not only receive prompt resolutions but also benefit from a dedicated partner invested in their journey.

Leading in this parameter:

Vega Equity emerges as the clear choice in this category, thanks to its diverse range of customer support channels that users can readily access.

Which Tool Is Better: Vega Equity or Qapita?

After thoroughly evaluating each parameter, our final verdict is presented after our analysis. The ultimate decision now lies in your hands.

Take a moment to reflect on your unique requirements and carefully compare them with the features of each specific tool. If there's a match, that might be the ideal choice for you. However, if uncertainty creeps in, opt for the tool that aligns most closely with your needs. Keep in mind that no single tool will perfectly cater to everything you need. Yet, with strong customer support, long-term affordability, and proactive features, you can navigate toward success.

Hope you find the most perfect tool for your business!

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Vega Equity offers companies an effective, intuitive, and paperless platform for managing equity. It provides accurate cap table management, customized user experiences, and precise information. Additionally, it assists in measuring KPIs, analyzing data, and tracking performance towards goals.

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