Vega Equity Vs Trica: Which One to Choose?

  • Written Written by Shubhika Sundriyal 19 April 2024 | 4 min read
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    Confused between Vega Equity and Trica for your ESOP management needs? This blog presents a comprehensive analysis, evaluating both options across various parameters like core features, affordability, customer support, and more. Read on to get a better picture of which tool will suit your needs more.


Many ESOP administrators often find themselves at a crossroads, deliberating between Vega Equity and Trica, unable to choose which option best suits their needs. Both platforms boast exceptional features, making them favored choices among both emerging startups and established enterprises.

But how do you determine the ideal fit for your organization?

In this blog, we will explore both Vega Equity and Trica, evaluating various parameters crucial for decision-making. Let's get started!

Parameters of Comparison

1. User Interface

Interface vega equity

Vega Equity comes across as an effortlessly accessible platform with a seamless onboarding experience. While the team offers proactive assistance, you'll find the platform intuitive enough for independent navigation.

Upon logging in, you're greeted by a comprehensive dashboard, presenting key information such as the number of Active and Inactive ESOP Employees, Vested and Unvested shares, and more.

The widgets are conveniently placed, allowing easy access to employees' ESOP history and summaries. Overall, the interface is clean and intuitive, enabling you to launch your ESOPs within minutes.

But that's not all—Vega Equity also integrates with an in-built HRMS, streamlining the management of employee data and rewards effortlessly.

trica dashboard


On the other hand, Trica offers similar functionalities, facilitating ESOP pool management, policy handling, and grants via a user-friendly dashboard.

It empowers users to create and access an entire repository of ESOP policies, employee grant letters , and vesting schedules.

Trica too syncs with HRMS, simplifying operations further.

Leading in this parameter:

Vega Equity edges ahead in this regard, boasting a more streamlined and efficient dashboard. While both are tough contenders, Vega Equity's clarity and efficiency give it the competitive edge.

2. Long-Term Affordability

 Vega Equity User-friendly design

The Vega Equity solution offers three plans tailored for equity management.

The Starter plan at ₹7,000/year is tailored for budding enterprises with up to 10 stakeholders. This plan includes essential features such as a digital cap table , ESOP management, and functionalities for grant, vesting, and employee exits.

For those ready to scale, the Growth plan, priced at ₹40,000/year, offers an expansive suite of features. Accommodating up to 50 stakeholders, it introduces advanced features like valuation tracking, a document vault, a mobile app, equity payslips, and premium support.

Then, there is the Custom Pricing option. It caters to 50+ stakeholders, providing even more sophisticated tools such as an ESOP scheme generator, accelerated vesting with notifications, custom integrations, API access, personalized vesting schedules, a dedicated customer success manager, and an AI-ML enabled chatbot.

Also, custom pricing per report allows flexibility and an add-on option is available for all plans, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse business needs.

Custom pricing

Now, let's explore Trica's pricing plans.

trica pricing

Trica offers three pricing plans, each offering features for different stages of the company's growth.

The "Starter" plan, priced at ₹5000, is ideal for ventures with up to 10 stakeholders. It boasts comprehensive reports and digital grant letters with e-signatures (up to 25/year).

Stepping up, the “Standard plan” at ₹20000/year accommodates up to 30 stakeholders and offers advanced features such as an ESOP scheme generator and a document vault.

For larger enterprises, Trica offers an “Enterprise plan” with pricing available upon request.

Apart from these, Trica extends additional services including HR advisory and valuation services, with pricing details available upon request.

trica additional services

Leading in this parameter:

Trica emerges as the winner with its Starter plan priced at ₹5000 for 10 stakeholders, making it ₹2000 more cost-effective than Vega Equity's Starter plan.

3. Core Features & Functionality

Vega Equity ensures a fully customizable experience, enabling you to frame ESOP policy, distribute options, and track vesting schedules the way you like. The platform allows role-based access and views for seamless management.

You can access various ESOP stats to make informed decisions, such as Vested, Unvested, and Lapsed options. You can also get your hands on the ESOP summary which highlights Active, Exercised, and Exercisable options.

As an admin, you can dig into detailed analytics based on Designation, Tenure, ESOP Valuation, and Department/Function.

Benefit from ready-to-use reports including grant reports, expense reports, Exercise/buy-back reports, and Timeline reports.

What's more, Vega Equity has recently partnered with Altius Investech, providing a comprehensive solution for ESOP management and liquidation. Leveraging Altius Investech's expertise, Vega Equity ensures a seamless experience for clients, facilitating effortless ESOP liquidation .

Similar to Vega Equity, Trica boasts an impressive employee interface. It allows team members to access comprehensive information about their ESOPs, including policy details, grant letters, vesting schedules, and the current value of their ESOP grants. This commitment to transparency fosters trust and transparency within the workforce.

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Moreover, Trica simplifies administrative tasks, generating employee grant letters online, routing them for approval, and distributing them automatically. This streamlines HR processes, eliminating the need for follow-ups and physical documentation.

Leading in this parameter:

Here, Vega Equity takes the lead, particularly with its recent partnership with Altius Investech, offering a complete solution for ESOP management and liquidation needs.

4. Onboarding Ease & Customer Support

Vega Equity stands out with its top-tier onboarding support team, boasting the industry's fastest onboarding process with a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround. Every key stakeholder is treated to a comprehensive demo, facilitating swift adaptation and seamless operations. Moreover, their round-the-clock customer support ensures prompt assistance, addressing new user inquiries or issues with efficiency and efficacy.

Moving to Trica.

Trica also excels in providing personalized support and guidance to clients, ensuring a smooth setup and a thorough understanding of the platform's functionalities. Clients can rely on direct assistance from dedicated representatives.

Leading in this parameter:

When it comes to leading in this aspect, it's a dead heat between these platforms. Both offer exceptional onboarding experiences and continued support whenever needed. So, yes, it’s a tie.

Which Tool Is Better: Vega Equity or Trica?

Determining which tool is superior depends on your specific needs. Our impartial analysis provides insight for your assessment, with careful consideration given to the top performers in each category.

When deciding between the two, align your requirements with the capabilities of each tool. The one that best fulfills your criteria emerges as the winner.

We hope this overview offers clarity on Vega Equity and Trica's key attributes. Best of luck!

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