Top 5 Equity Management Tools in 2024

  • Written Written by Shubhika Sundriyal 20 December 2023 | 4 min read
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    Managing equity can be an uphill climb with challenges like complex regulatory compliance and employee dissatisfaction due to a lack of transparency. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 equity management tools that you can choose from. These tools help enhance transparency and provide real-time insights to simplify your everyday equity management decisions.


In the past, organizations manually managed ESOPs. This involved extensive paperwork, record-keeping, and coordination among various departments. HR and finance teams had to manually track employee stock allocations, vesting schedules, and changes in ownership. On top of this, handling physical documents was also too challenging and complex, especially if the number of ESOP holders increased rapidly.

Today, most forward-looking organizations work on a reliable, secure, and user-friendly digital solution. Thanks to equity management software!

The software provides effective management and communication of equity-related information for both organizations and employees. This eliminates the lack of real-time accessibility and automation that makes the process more prone to errors and delays.

Now without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Top 5 Equity Management Tools

We have curated this list of the top 5 equity management tools along with their key features, pros and cons in detail.

We used some solutions ourselves and gathered feedback from current/previous users for some to create a reliable list of the best equity management platforms that you can choose from.

Take a look!

1. EquityList

dashboard equity List

Source: assets-global

“EquityList helped us transition from managing ESOPs on scattered Google sheets to managing them professionally. We now have a comprehensive grasp of our cap table, as dashboards provide a great overview of shareholders, available options, dilutions, and valuation trends.”

- Deepanshu Arora, Co-founder and CEO, toddle

EquityList stands out as an exceptional equity management tool, providing seamless control over employee stock option plans, regardless of geographical constraints for you and your team.

This versatile tool empowers you to effortlessly issue grants, obtain electronic signatures, and deliver provisional documents, all within a unified platform.

Moreover, EquityList goes beyond these functionalities by enabling the establishment of maker-checker workflows, ensuring robust internal controls and a streamlined experience in the issuance of grants.

Key features of EquityList:



Pricing: Free plan available (Limited to 25 stakeholders). Paid options start at $2200/month.

2. Vega Equity

Vega Equity Dashboard

“Vega Equity's intuitive dashboards and real-time data allocation have helped us save many man hours for granting, allocation, and managing ESOPs. This has been crucial for helping us throughout the Reconciliation and Compliance.”

- Vasant Bhatt, Portea Medical

If you're looking for a solution to tailor your platform to match your unique requirements, Vega Equity is your best bet.

It offers a 360-degree real-time view of your ESOP allocation and cap table. Unlike other tools, Vega lets you personalize the platform to align with your current needs and preferences. All of this is done with a steadfast commitment to keeping your company's ESOP pool information secure and effortlessly accessible.

The solution helps eliminate record discrepancies, miscommunication, and a backlog of inconsistencies. It instead helps equip your team with the ability to perform comprehensive exercise and tax calculations, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Also, the best part is that the platform boasts an efficient mobile app that is unlike any other equity management solution available in the market. Manage ESOPs on the go!

Key features of Vega Equity:



Pricing: Starts at ₹7000/month.

3. Trica

trica dashboard

Source: trica

“The first major value proposition that trica equity offers is transparency for employees through individual accounts. At any stage, employees can log-in to their accounts and check out the value of their ESOPs and see how many ESOPs are vested.”

- Nishant Prasad, Manager-Legal, Scripbox

Trica is a popular equity management platform that helps you go paperless and digitize your processes.

You can keep track of all information related to investors and rounds in a centralized place. And yes, you can upload and manage all your investments with a unified view.

What more? Trica enables you to include family members & key professionals with selective access, ensuring data privacy.

Besides, the platform helps optimize private market portfolios with data-driven insights and strategic investment management.

Key features of Trica:



Pricing: Starts at ₹5000/year.

Do you want to know how to implement ESOPs in your organization?

Get insights on ESOPs, best practices, Cap table, and Equity Management

4. Qapita

qapita dashboard

Source: qapita

“Qapita has helped us in drastically improving our employee engagement on our ESOP front. Our employees really appreciate the transparency and user interface that they have access to, especially the clarity that the product provides on their respective vesting schedules.”

- Prashant Kumar, Co-founder, Zingbus

A reliable platform to digitally manage ESOP programs, Qapita lets you manage stakeholders, securities, and transactions right from within its dashboard.

Its intuitive dashboards are a game changer for organizations looking to move from the good ol’ spreadsheets to a cloud-based solution.

Need to view payment currency amounts in the approved exercise request bulk upload template as an admin? Well, Qapita has you covered!

Also, its insightful Share Value, Fair Value, and Custom reports provide a comprehensive view of equity data for informed decision-making.

Key features of Qapita:



Pricing: Free plan available (Limited to 24 stakeholders). Paid options start at $600/year.

5. Astrella

Astrella Dashboard

Source: Google

“Astrella gives our board and investors the assurance that we as a company are not only using modern technology to manage our stock plan but also ensure that we're in compliance. It puts us head and shoulders above our competitors.”

- Sean Griffin, Disaster Technologies Inc.

Astrella is an all-in-one platform that helps keep all equity-related information transparent and accessible. You can automate workflows to streamline ESOP agreements and send them via DocuSign.

You can personalize the platform to change key interface design elements to fit your company's unique configurations.

Astrella facilitates Exit, Round, and Reverse Modeling for streamlined and strategic financial decision-making in private capital markets. Plus, its stock split functionality helps enhance efficiency and accuracy in corporate actions.

Key features of Astrella:



Pricing: Free plan available (No Round Modelling and Audit Logging). Paid options start at $5/month/ shareholder.

Final Thoughts

So these were our top 5 picks for robust equity management platforms. To make the best choice, analyze your unique requirements and select a tool that aligns closely with your needs.

For instance, while a tool may suit your current equity management needs, it might not be affordable in the long run. On the other hand, a tool’s awesome reviews online do not guarantee a solution to your existing challenges. So, be mindful of where you invest your money.

Opt for a tool that has all the essential features you need, is secure, and affordable in the long run. Good luck!

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