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    Drive Visibility and automation with secured Cloud with 90+ Compliance Certificates including CIS Benchmarks and CSA certification.

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    With Vega Equity, manage data only in real-time, so you wouldn't need to worry about out-of-date or incorrect data and allocation.

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One Dashboard

Cap Table Management for Growing Companies

Manage all your equity on a single platform from seed to exit with Vega Equity

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    Automatic updates

    Get automatic updates about how and what, when the shareholdings change

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    Diligence Ready

    Save time with pre-filled templates and document storage

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    Scenario Modeling

    Create built in scenarios for model fundrasing to exit

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    Error-free Reconcilable data

    Create clear cap tables in a format loved by investors

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Streamlined and hassle-free, get started with Vega Equity's ESOP platform in a week

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Your equity & employee information is safeguarded with state-of-the-art and robust security

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"Vega Equity's intuitive dashboards and real-time data allocation have helped us save many man-hours for granting, allocation, and managing ESOPs."”


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"Vega Equity helped us in making the transition from managing ESOPs on scattered spreadsheets to managing them professionally"”


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Professional platform and Great Support Team

"The platform helps us maintain comprehensive dashboards for easy and fast reconciliation. Their Support Team is mindblowing."”


Praveen PowarOnline Sales

Frequently asked questions

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A Cap Table or a Capitalization table is a snapshot of a company's percentage of ownership, and securities owned including Stock, CN, Grants, Equity Dilution, etc. It is an intricate breakdown of the Equity of the shareholders of the company.

The data wrt all the investments like the total running, how they were acquired, the different forms of equity shares involved, what the funding rounds were and how much was raised in each of the rounds, liquidation preferences of shareholders, and any liquidation events.

Investors generally look at Cap Tables as it helps them understand the financial situation of the company in detail at a glance. It also helps them ensure that stakeholders are being treated equally and whether the company has the bandwidth to make the right investment decisions.

With Vega Equity, you can set up your Cap Table, manage changes, ensure accuracy, share with investors, and more, in just a few steps. The first step is to Request a demo where we will take you through the platform, then once the deal is signed, we onboard you to our platform. As easy as that.

If you are having issues with where to start or want to move away from Excel and spreadsheets to have a full-fledged implementation. Contact us today. Want real-time visibility into your Cap-Table to manage your Investors, Employees, and Admin processes? Get Intuitive Dashboards and Paperless Management with Vega Equity