ESOP Management

Get your Employee Equity right

Set up your company's equity strategy and policy seamlessly with Vega Equity. Grow your teams as per your terms

Employee Equity

Automating Equity Management at every phase of ESOPs Lifecycle

Grant ESOPs to all your deserving employees within a few clicks and manage the allotment end-to-end with ESOP Pool creation, grants, vesting management, and more with Vega Equity

Automating Equity Management

Build a team that is vested in your vision

Employee shares
Employee shares

Ditch spreadsheets in keeping a track of issued, vested, and lapsed employee equity options

Employee shares
Custom Terms

Reward your employees and stakeholders on your own terms with customized equity plans & schemes

Employee shares

Get personalized dashboards for employees to view their vesting schedule & option plans

Start your Equity journey with us!

Let's connect and discuss how Vega Equity can help you scale faster!

Employee Incentivization made simple

Leverage equity as a motivation & incentive tool to expand & scale globally

  • One Week Onboarding

    Implement a simple, quick and low-cost way of data-onboarding and enablement to create a highly productive and performing work culture

  • Easy Transactions

    With transactions managed end-to-end, automatically update your Equity and cap table details. Perform error free and easily reconcilable transactions.

Employee Incentivization

Say hello to customizable templates

Create, customize, and visualize different types of Equity plans as per your needs

  • Equity allotment within minutes

    With Vega Equity allot equity and esops to all your stakeholders within minutes with editable templates or create new ones with ease

  • Secure by design

    Drive Visibility and automation with secured Cloud with 90+ Compliance Certificates including CIS Benchmarks and CSA certification

customizable templates
Cycle with Equity
Complete the employee experience cycle with Equity

Add ESOPs to enhance employee experience with personalized dashboards

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We love what we do and we believe our do clients too

Employee Friendly & Real-time Data

"Vega Equity's intuitive dashboards and real-time data allocation have helped us save many man-hours for granting, allocation, and managing ESOPs."”


Vasant BhatPortea Medical

Fast-Paced TAT & Quick Onboarding

"Vega Equity helped us in making the transition from managing ESOPs on scattered spreadsheets to managing them professionally"”


Atul GuptaEcom Express

Professional platform and Great Support Team

"The platform helps us maintain comprehensive dashboards for easy and fast reconciliation. Their Support Team is mindblowing."”


Praveen PowarOnline Sales

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Kick out error-prone spreadsheets out for Equity

We've got you covered in creating automatic, error-free reconcilable ESOP platform from Day1

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Vega Equity was designed to equip companies to manage their equity in the most effective way possible. Along with accurate cap table management, Vega Equity’s platform offers an intuitive, error-free, and paperless experience that is customized to suit the needs of the user and ensures that it is a one-stop destination for any information which the stakeholders require with pinpoint accuracy.

Yes, 100% safe. Vega Equity adheres to strict Data privacy & security standards. We have a secured cloud with 90+ data compliance certifications including CIS Benchmarks.

It's simple. Register with us today to get a demo and understand our platform in detail. You can also avail our 14-day free trial and then upgrade to one of our plans. (P.S. You wouldn't resist)

There are a lot of factors to consider while creating an ESOP pool for your organization, including but not limited to the stage of the startup, the number of employees, long-term vision, etc. It is important to create the ESOP pool at early stages such that growing companies can adjust to the increase in valuations.