Esop Liquidation
On-Demand Webinar

About this Webinar

Sitting on a pile of ESOPs but unsure how to liquidate them for financial security? This webinar is your golden ticket! We'll crack the code on ESOP liquidation.

Guiding you through the liquidation process to maximize returns both for employees and employers and navigate the tax implications.

Join us and get the full potential of your ESOP wealth!

Who must attend

  • HR & Finance Professionals HR & Finance Professionals
  • Business Heads Business Heads
  • Fresher & Seasoned Professionals Fresher & Seasoned Professionals
  • Start-up Founders Start-up Founders

During this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Converting Value for All: We'll explore ESOP liquidation services designed to benefit both stakeholders and investors
  • Win-Win Strategies: Discover the advantages of ESOP liquidation for employees and employers.
  • Understand Valuation: Learn about the key factors influencing the valuation of your ESOPs.
  • Tax Planning Essentials: Gain insights on navigating the tax implications of ESOP liquidation at the time of exercise
  • Maximizing Your Benefit: Explore strategies to prevent options from getting lapsed and ensure you receive the full value of your ESOPs
  • Why Altius & Vega Equity? We'll showcase the expertise and value proposition of Altius and Vega Equity in guiding you through a successful ESOP liquidation.
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